About Us

J. Craig Holding Corp. (OTC: OWUV) is a California based holding company that acquires and supports both distressed and emerging companies across a multitude of industries. We seek to partner with and/or acquire companies with solid management teams and proven business models in order to accelerate their growth, enter large total attainable markets (TAM), and reach lucrative exit opportunities.
Our company differentiates itself by old school, hands-on, face-to-face approaches using our advanced technologies co-operatively with our consumers to ensure a high-quality experience. Consumers enjoy the same paperless applications afforded to larger Holding Companies and receive our same “instant decisions” responses together with direct digital account management from our globally reputable financial partners. 
J. Craig Holding Corp also leverages proprietary analytics to support banking partners to optimize success for our lending programs. Such combined strengths make J. Craig Holding Corp a stable and ideal ally for distressed and emerging companies.