Here we will share the assets or “holdings” for J. Craig Holding Corp.

Our company acts as both an incubator and accelerator for businesses that are missing a key element such as management, proper capitalization, marketing, or ability to take their product or service to the next level… thats where our area of expertise adds the “fertilizer’ to the mix.

J. Craig Holding Corp’s mission is to have assets in the some of the hottests industry sectors such as media, sports and entertainment, technologies, biotech, EV, AI, precious metals and cannabis to name a few.

Our vision is to develop these assets in which future spinoffs will allow shareholders to participate and ultimately receive “spin off/dividend” shares is our goal. Having multiple assets, will allow us and our shareholders to hedge against overall risk, by not having all of our eggs in one basket.

We are excited to share more information as we make information public via press releases, filings and social media announcements in the coming days, weeks and months.